There are lots of ways to spread the word about sustainable seafood, like distributing Seafood Watch consumer guides, communicating with your audience about ocean issues and solutions, and hosting special events. These training materials and resources will help you get started!

Training Module: Seafood Watch Cafe Interactive

By popular demand, we created Seafood Watch Cafe, a web-based interactive that features a humorous chef who describes the pros and cons of eating various types of seafood! The main message is that some seafood choices have hidden environmental costs. Presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese, it is similar to a menu so that users can select the seafood they're interested in learning about. You can use this interactive as an educational tool for your staff or patrons, or even build your own exhibit around it—however you use it is up to you! View the Seafood Watch Cafe module in English or Spanish View the Seafood Watch Cafe module in Portuguese

Video: Make Better Seafood Choices

Learn how to help protect fish and ocean animals by making good decisions when purchasing seafood. By asking one simple but important question you can help shape the demand for, and ultimately supply of, fish that's been caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways.

Training Module: Become a Conservation Partner

Do you work at an aquarium, zoo, science museum or other outreach organization? Join us in spreading the word about ocean-friendly seafood and help encourage sustainable fishing and fish farming practices worldwide! In this presentation, learn about how you can become a Conservation Partner and hear how our partners are promoting sustainable seafood in exhibits, feeding programs, public events and other creative programs. View the Become a Conservation Partner training module

Training Module: Conservation Partner Requirements

Once an official Conservation Partner, our training videos will guide you through all of the current Seafood Watch Conservation Partner requirements. Take a closer look at each of the requirements and explore the different ways you and your organization can achieve success. Volume is leverage and together we can make a difference for our ocean by supporting sustainable fishing and farming practices. Watch the videos

Training Module: Become a Seafood Watch Business Partner

Want to distinguish your company as an environmentally responsible business and meet growing customer demand for sustainable foods? Become a Seafood Watch Business Partner and join us in our efforts to transform the seafood marketplace and support environmentally responsible fisheries and aquaculture operations. In this presentation you'll learn about the benefits of the Business Partner program and how your business can get started. View the Become a Seafood Watch Business Partner training module

Training Module: Working with Suppliers

Now that you've joined the Seafood Watch Business Partner program, how can you best work with your suppliers to source sustainable seafood? In this short presentation you'll learn about the three key questions you should ask your suppliers and get practical advice from other sustainable seafood business leaders.
View the Working with Suppliers training module

Video: Can the Ocean Keep Up with the Hunt?

This 15-minute film explores the last wild hunt on our planet—our quest for seafood. The ocean seems vast, but the bounty beneath the sapphire surface has limits. Around the globe, fisheries are in trouble. Will our appetite for seafood leave behind an empty ocean? Can the "blue revolution" of aquaculture lead the way to a sustainable future?

Complete Recommendation List (PDF)

This list was created for chefs, suppliers and other seafood professionals who need a reference tool with all our Seafood Watch recommendations in one place.

The Seafood Watch App

Our app for iOS and Android brings you up-to-date recommendations for ocean-friendly seafood and sushi.

Consumer Guides

Our printable guides are broken down by region so you can find sustainable seafood wherever you live or travel.

Seafood Assessment

My FishChoice is a free, online platform that allows businesses to create personalized accounts to track and manage sustainability information. Businesses can self-assess the sustainability of their seafood by creating one or more lists of products through an easy online form.

Sustainable Seafood Request Letter (DOC)

Modify this sample letter to let your suppliers know you'd like them to identify environmentally responsible seafood options.

Countertop Displays (PDF)

Make your consumer guides stand out with our free displays, made for counter or tabletop use. The displays are available in different sizes and feature a variety of images. No assembly required. E-mail us to place your order.