This series of training videos will guide you through all of the current Seafood Watch Conservation Partner requirements. Take a closer look at each of the requirements and explore the different ways you and your organization can achieve success. Together we can make a difference for our ocean by supporting sustainable fishing and farming practices.

Overview of Partnership Requirements

Continuing Conservation Partnership Requirements:
  1. Distribute the Seafood Watch consumer guide and promote the Seafood Watch app.
  2. Share sustainable seafood messaging at two outreach activities or events per year.
  3. Link to from your website.
  4. Complete the end of year survey each year.
This partnership term includes one additional requirement with three options to choose from. Take a look at the videos below to explore your options to meet the NEW requirement.

A Closer Look at the New Requirement

Option #1: Onsite Food Service & Catering Operation

If you have an onsite food service provider or catering operation, ask them to join Seafood Watch as a business partner. We’ll provide the tools to assess and improve your seafood inventory.

Option #2: Animal Care Operation

If your operation has animals under human care, and seafood is part of their existing or future diets, choose to source sustainable seafood.

Option #3: Recruit One Local Business or Restaurant

This is a great option if your organization doesn’t have onsite food service operations or animals in its care. Here's our advice for recruiting a local business partner and the support available from Seafood Watch to help you along the way.